Little Thomas didn’t agree with sports, because that’s too tiresome. Instead, he chose music school and in particular classical guitar as that was closest to electric guitar. Influenced by Daniel Dekens, teacher of ‘guidance practice’, he got in touch with the pop genre, which created a basis for his further musical endeavors.
In 2001 a power trio was formed with Thomas as lead singer and guitarist. A few gigs later the band unfortunately splits.
Later on Thomas joins the ranks of Fat Bastard, but this adventure also has a short lifespan. After a few months the cooperation ends and Thomas leaves the band to join Tramp Stamp. In the course of a year they do several gigs and soon plans are made to record their first EP. Problems with the manning of the band, however, eventually force the band to split as well. In the aftermath of this split Thomas decides to focus more on the bass guitar.In 2012 he auditions as bass player for Silver Bullet Machine where he reaches an instant match with Steven and Benny.
The rest is history...

His love for the guitar was apparent at a very young age. Gifts at Sinterklaas, birthdays or Christmas were all music-related.He got his first (toy) guitar when he could barely walk. At the age of 9 he took classical guitar classes at the local school of music. When he was 14 he learned to play chords and two years later he made his debut in a band which, due to the arrival of Grunge, evolved into a new band named Urgh! where he played the bass guitar. Urgh! played at several local festivals and took part at Humo’s Rock Rally in 1996.
Later on he also played in other bands such as “Drugstore” (together with Nikolas and Bob who later formed JanezDetd) and “the Elfsbar”.
Then 8 years of silence followed.
In 2006 he took up the bass guitar again and together with Steven he formed a Blues-Rock band at which he soon became rhythm guitarist.
Blood is thicker than water, however, and somewhere around the middle of 2012 Benny and Steven decided to form yet another band and focus more on writing their own songs. Silver Bullet Machine was born! 
On a musical level, his life started at the age of 13, when he found what he had been missing during the previous 12 years: Metal. Music had always been interesting to him but had never had a strong emotional appeal until the introduction to bands such as Metallica, Sepultura, the Offspring and Bad Religion. Lyrics were of little importance to him. Rhythm and melody however stirred a previously dormant desire inside and soon the love of drums was born.
As the internet was still in its infancy, he taught himself to play the drums by listening and playing along to tapes of his favourite bands.
From the age of 18 onwards he was the drummer of several coverbands (“Captain Lizard”, “Connexion”) and indie bands (“Fun in Acapulco”, “Yold”), which all disbanded sooner or later. In 2012 he auditioned for Silver Bullet Machine and turned out to be an appropriate addition to the band.
Born and raised in the Northern Campine (North-East Belgium) where he spent his entire youth, music soon became a constant in his life. In part because of his father’s rock influences, the guitar was always close at hand and he soon got fascinated by this instrument. After 4 years of classical schooling the time to take up the electric guitar had finally come and influenced by great guitarists such as Joe Satriani& Steve Vai he knew what he wanted to do: play guitar solos.
After some years of practice and a few coverbands it became clear to him that the next step should be to write his own songs, preferably in the harder musical genre. It is out of this idea that he and Benny formed Silver Bullet Machine in 2012.
Katrien was infected by the singing virus when she was 7 years old.
She took classical singing classes with Hilde Corthout at the Music Academy in Schoten and later on with Katarina Moesen at the Academy of Wijnegem. Afterwards she changed her musical career as she wanted to devote more time to musical and pop/rock. From 2009 onwards she has taken singing lessons with David Davidse and Kevin Van Staeyen, singer and violin player at ‘le Trio Perdu’ and ‘Lady & the Nerd’. She has also had some extra coaching from Nadia Mampaey, lead singer of ‘the Lou Roman Band’.
Between August 2011 and the start of April 2017 she has been the lead singer of ‘C.C. & the Cruisers’, which was a dream come true for her. In these 6 years she has assembled a lot of stage experience. But the time eventually came to look for new challenges.
Furthermore she is a member of the ladies ensemble ‘a Ladies Concert’ which brings her back to her roots: classical music, musical and the modern genre.
She likes music with character and song texts with a deeper meaning.
But first and foremost: ‘rock and metal are on top of her list!’
Katrien / Singer
Frederik / Drums
Benny / Rhythm Guitar
Thomas / Bass
Steven / Solo Guitar