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Benny - Steven - Thomas - Frederik  - Katrien

In 2012 a werewolf was spotted in the town of Puurs!

On a dark night, after a fine music jam, the 2 friends Steven and Benny were going home.   All of a sudden they spotted a werewolf coming from a deep dark hole in the ground. To prevent Puurs from disaster Steven and Benny started a quest to defeat the vile creature.

There was just one problem. They didn't have much experience with guns. The only thing they were good at was playing music. So they decided to fight the werewolf with good old hard rock.

Soon they found out that the werewolf was much stronger than 2 guitars and vocals could handle so they started a second quest: forming a band.

At the start of the year 2013 a bass player and drummer joined the crew.   The newly formed band named itself 'Silver Bullet Machine'. They started rehearsing and building up power and within a year the machine was ready for battle.
At the end of 2013 they left their dark labs to search the werewolf and hunt him down.

If you encounter the werewolf and no one else can help you, just call Silver Bullet Machine
In mutual consultation we decided to put the band on hold for an indefinite period of time. We want to thank all the fans for their support and for the opportunities we have been given to do what we love. Goodbye and maybe until next time.

In onderling overleg hebben wij beslist om de band op hold te zetten voor onbepaalde tijd. We willen alle fans bedanken voor hun steun en voor de kansen die we hebben gekregen om te kunnen doen waar we van houden. Tot ziens en misschien tot een volgende keer.

Silver Bullet Machine